It al started about six years ago when I received frequently requests from different magazines to take photos. So my business became a face: Petronellanitta.com. People started to get really enthusiastic and more and more people asked me to photograph their wedding day. Also great work to do and something totally different than to work for the magazines! A bridal record is above all a memory of a precious and really special day.  You can see it in my work: it is a beautiful story of photos; colour combined with black and white. Totally elaborated in the same style as the wedding itself. Al put together in a valuable album, stored in a box with a unique designed cover from felt. During my work I am always searching for rarely moments. I love to take pictures in places giving me the inspiration to photograph the way I want to: pictures without too many annoying details where you can see and feel the essence of the moment! My passion for photography becomes really special when I can share it with the people it’s made for!

Petra Hoogerbrug

Original text: Wedding and event styling magazine Total X / Lieske Veraart